Deviance, justice system and social services

Deviance, justice system and social services

Marco Terraneo


The aim of the Master’s is to develop an integrated approach in order to facilitate a system that combines the various facets of the phenomena of social and criminal deviance. The Master’s has the following objectives: to offer a far-reaching cultural framework in order to fuel a process of reflection on representations of transgression and the sense behind social interventions; to further explore the themes of adult and juvenile deviance in order to bring different viewpoints together; to offer a space for dialogue around operational practices, drawing on service experience to construct shared best practices for intervention; to use classroom-based learning (lectures and workshops) and placements to develop research into/action around organisational logic and responses, with a focus on co-planning and service integration (Office for External Criminal Enforcement-Office for Minor Social Services, local social services, justice services, healthcare services, etc.).

This Master program is designed for graduated candidates

November 2019 - November 2020


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