Epidemiological and biostatistical methodology for clinical research


Antonella Zambon


The training programme aims to explore the classic and advanced subject areas of the epidemiological and biostatistical methodology for clinical research, with the goal of identifying risk factors and causes for infectious and chronic/degenerative diseases, aiding with controlling and monitoring the health of the population; analysis of needs, demand and supply; analysis for the implementation of health and social care policies; process of ongoing qualitative improvement.

These skills are very useful for: i) employees of Contract Research Organisations (CROs); ii) healthcare staff operating in the field of clinical research (doctors, pharmacists, vets, healthcare management, nursing assistants, administrative directors; iii) researchers from the pharmaceuticals industry and/or public and private research institutes.

At the end of the Master's course, students will have developed a capacity to produce and interpret scientific, experimental and observational evidence, which is necessary in order to be able to assess the efficacy, efficiency and quality of interventions and healthcare services.

Given that many potential course participants may already be in work, the Master’s will be provided on a completely remote basis, using “virtual classroom” technology.


Holders of Bachelor’s Degrees, Degrees in accordance with Ministerial Decree 509/99, three-year University Diploma or single-cycle Master’s Degree


 April 2020 - November 2021


E-mail: antonella.zambon@unimib.it

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